WCC Mid-Year Activities Update

2015 An Extraordinarily Active Year

The Wyoming Construction Coalition has had a busy first five months of 2015. And while many members are very active in our activities, even they may not know of everything we are working on.

We divide our activities into three categories, falling under one of our three committees that oversees the activities. Our update is arranged by committee, so please read on to learn more about what we are doing this year. If you are interested in serving on a committee, or even just helping out with a single project, activity or event, please let WCC know, email: joshc@webuildwyoming.org or call 307.577.6460.

EDUCATION & SAFETY COMMITTEE (Meets the First Tuesday of Every Month, 7:30am)
NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, June 2nd, 7:30AM

“Build Wyoming” Statewide Taskforce on Career and Technical Education
WCC is assisting in establishing a statewide taskforce to improve and promote career and technical education in an effort to grow Wyoming’s skilled workforce.

Wyoming Construction Safety Alliance
WCC is working with other trade associations and construction employers through the Wyoming Construction Safety Alliance to improve construction safety and expand safety training opportunities in Wyoming. This is an effort that was initiated at this year’s WCC LegCon.

Prioritizing Safety Needs
The WCC Safety Committee is determining what the safety needs of our members are and will then prioritize those needs so that WCC can coordinate training and services to fulfil those needs.

Partnering with State OSHA
WCC is currently working with Wyoming OSHA to set-up regular meetings between agency officials and our members to open discussion to better understand requirements and enforcement on both sides.

WCC Scholarship Fund
WCC will be awarding two scholarships in 2015, the general scholarship, which will go to an individual participating in any construction related training or education program in Wyoming, and another that will be specifically for an individual in the Construction Management program at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne.

The WCC Cup Golf Tournament should raise enough money to establish a permanent WCC Scholarship Trust Fund, enabling us to award more construction related scholarships every year.

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE (Meets the First Thursday of Every Month, 7:30am)
NEXT MEETING: Thursday, June 4th, 7:30AM

Legislative Session Review
Some of the high priority Legislation we followed during the 2015 Legislative Session included:
• Bills to increase OSHA fines and establish large fines for fatalities.
• Bills changing Worker’s Comp rate ratios.
• Bills regarding preference for suppliers and design professionals.
Working with State Agencies

School Facilities Department

This association has long worked with the Wyoming SFD nearly since its very inception. We continue working with the SFD, participating in regular meetings, meeting regularly with the Director, and providing input to the Department for policies, processes and procedures.

Department of Administration and Information Construction Management

Building on the relationship we have developed with the School Facilities Department, we are meeting and working with the Construction Management Division of the Department of Administration and Information, as they are actively involved in more construction than ever before, numerous state and community college projects, some at the University of Wyoming and the Capitol renovation project.

Department of Workforce Services

We have always, and will continue to work with the Department of Workforce Services on a wide array of issues, including labor laws and issues, preference laws and enforcement, prevailing wage, worker’s comp, and of course, workplace safety.

Local Governments

We are actively working with school districts facilities personnel from across the state and assisting them with major maintenance and construction issues that also impact our industry.

We occasionally are asked for assistance from towns, cities and counties to also provide input and assistance on construction related issues. This year we are improving working relationships with local building inspectors.

Potential Legislation

The State Legislature has begun holding interim committee meetings to begin planning for the 2016 Budget Session. There are roughly two 2-day committee meetings per month during the interim, and many of the committees are tackling issues relevant to the construction industry.
• Some of the major discussions we are taking part in during this interim include:
• State and local government funding
• School and state construction funding & related issues
• Lien laws
• Career and Technical education
• Workplace Safety & OSHA fines
• Mineral and Economic Development issues

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE (Meets Every Other Friday of Every Month, 7:30am)
NEXT MEETING: Friday, June 5th, 7:30AM

2015 LegCon
Nearly 100 people were in attendance at the Little America in Cheyenne this past February to participate in the association’s annual Legislative Conference. All five of Wyoming’s top elected officials were in attendance at the event, as were officials from numerous state agencies, school districts and affiliated trade associations.

WCC Cup Golf Tournament
2015 marks the fifth year for the WCC Golf Tournament, it will be held on Thursday, June 25th
at the Paradise Valley Country Club in Casper.in 2010, the tournament started as another way for members to network during the summer, then a fundraising event, raising over $5,000 for the Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation. The WCC Cup is now the WCC Scholarship Fund’s only major fundraiser.

Fall Conference
WCC is currently working with the School Facilities Department and the Wyoming Contractors Association to hold a joint fall conference in November. Last year’s joint conference hosted by the SFD and WCC drew about 100 people to Sheridan, this year’s promises to bring many more.

Local Socials
Even though the busy season is already upon us, we will be hosting Local Socials throughout the state, helping to keep our members informed as to our activities, and giving non-members a chance to learn what we are all about.

WCC depends on email communication to keep our members informed, but we know that isn’t the most effective means of communication for everyone. We are reviewing current and past practices and are investigating better ways to keep our members informed.

Member Services
You may have already noticed that we are publishing a weekly plan and bid report, we expect to expand that service as we discuss opportunities with owners and architects to advertise projects with us.

We will continue to offer seminars and educational programs during our major events and are working to expand individual seminars for our Local Socials.

Again, if you are interested in serving on a committee, or even just helping out with a single project, activity or event, please let WCC know, email:joshc@webuildwyoming.org or call 307.577.6460