CONTACT: Josh Carnahan, WCC President at 307.577.6460 or email him at joshc@webuildwyoming.org

We need your help to set up WCC Local Socials in your area. We want to make sure that we make the most out of these opportunities to educate and engage our members as well as potential members and others from Wyoming’s construction community. We have learned that our most successful events are those in which our members are actively engaged.

To accomplish this, we would like to couple our local social networking receptions with informal, informational sessions. These sessions can cover any variety of topics that interest you and other construction related businesses in your area.

In order to set up the local social in your area, we need your help to:

• Set a date
• Set location
• Round up host or hosts
• Establish a topic or topics
• Recruit people to attend

This really sounds like a lot more work than it really is, here’s how it works:

We need your help to set a date for the Local Social that works best for you and your staff, a date that likely works reasonably well for other members and potential members in your area, we can’t have a networking event without people! Just give us a date, or a range of dates that works better for you.

You know your area better than anyone from outside your area, so please tell us where you think would be the best location to hold the Local Social. We average about 25 folks at our local socials. You pick the spot, and we can get it set-up, we just need to know where to go.

We will request sponsors for each local social from our entire membership, there may be businesses that would like to host your areas construction professionals, just point us in their direction, and we’ll do the rest.

What are the hot topics in your area, building codes? Legislation or regulation? Worker’s Comp? Labor? Preference laws? We can coordinate speakers to address the high priority issues of your area, we just need to know what issues you would like addressed, and we’ll arrange the speakers.

Companies and workers are more likely to attend WCC events if they hear about it from our members, we’ll put together the advertising, and get the word out within the WCC circle, but we need your help to get word out to a bigger audience in your area, whether that means getting WCC more contacts, or if you simply want to talk to local businesses yourself, we just need help getting the word out.

The only other thing to do is be there!
CONTACT: Josh Carnahan, WCC President at 307.577.6460 or email him at joshc@webuildwyoming.org


Most members involved in the Wyoming Construction Coalition are involved in building construction, commercial and industrial, private and public. Instead of monthly bid lettings that may occur in other sectors of construction, building projects may be bidding anywhere in the state at almost any time.

Even though it may be difficult to hold meetings in conjunction with bid lettings, it is no excuse for our members not to occasionally get together, especially in our local areas. That’s why we started the WCC Local Socials.

Local Socials provide excellent opportunities to network with other construction professionals, and provide opportunities for WCC Board members and staff to hear directly from our members. We have frank discussions about what the association is working on, and should be working on.

We discuss state and local legislative and regulatory issues, safety training and education opportunities, as well as general industry happenings and concerns. WCC utilizes local socials to help prioritize our actions, draft positions and policies, and inform our membership as well as the public.

Its not unusual to see owners, officials and regulators at our Local Socials as well. In fact, you may see building inspectors, state agency directors, political candidates and elected officials from all levels of government.

All of this better ensures we are staying in line with our mission:

“The Wyoming Construction Coalition is the voice of Wyoming’s construction profession, uniting with the public and private sector to provide legislative oversight, education programs and resource information for a more prosperous construction industry.”

Feel Free to contact any of our Board Members or Staff with any Questions or Concerns